39 Things That Make You Want To Come Home To Columbia, Mo.

    Because where else can you tramp, tramp, tramp around the Columns?

    1. There's just something about this time of the year that makes you think, Now would be a good time to hop in the car and go home.

    2. And home is a special place.

    3. Sure, it seems like it's gotten a lot bigger than it was when you lived here.

    4. But there's something about this place that seems timeless.

    5. Here, every drink reminds you of another story.

    6. Every fountain inspires a, "Hey, do you remember the time…?"

    7. Here, even the trees here are legend.

    8. This is a place where you'll have to make hard choices.

    9. And then some really hard choices.

    10. It's the kind of place — the kind of magical alternative universe, really — where the drink specials start at the hour when you'd actually want to be drinking.

    11. And where your cup runneth over — always.

    12. You spend weeks getting excited for the new additions to your kitchen cabinets.

    13. You spend the entire trip just dreaming of the words, "Pizza time! Pizza time for..."

    14. Because this is your kind of town. You know this place. You know what this bar is really called.

    15. You know there's no better place to watch a film than right here.

    16. And that this might be the best place to see live music in the entire Midwest.


    17. And now you're coming home to it all. Coming home to see what Greek Town has been up to all night every night for the past two months.

    18. Coming home to catch a glimpse of these talented ladies.

    19. Coming home for the chance to break out the grill and crack open the cooler.

    20. There's nothing quite like coming home on a weekend when these boys are playing, is there?

    21. But especially when they're playing this well.

    22. When your friends are all there waiting for you.

    23. And the skies are big in the way only skies are out past the Mississippi.

    24. Just the thought of it gets you a little fired up.

    25. Sure, some things have changed.

    26. But home is still as great as it ever was.

    27. So this is your chance to grab your favorite Mizzou hat.

    28. To throw on some black and gold.

    29. Anything with those magic letters.

    30. And every other piece of swag that you've got.

    31. To get your game face ready.


    32. Because this is a special time to come home.

    33. And this is a special place to be.

    34. Here it is, for the 102nd time: the chance to come home to where it all began.

    35. To the place where you grew up.

    36. To that quad, and those beautiful columns.

    37. Maybe you'll even take a minute to run right through them.

    38. You should. Because you're home. And there's no place that you'd rather be.

    39. So let us say, together:

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