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35 Perfectly Good Reasons Why Wichita State Will Win The National Championship

Reminder: It is not wise to disrespect undefeated, Missouri Valley Conference champion, 1-seeded Wichita State. Those Shockers play angry.

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And since then, the haters have come out to explain exactly why Wichita State can't make another incredible run in March Madness.

They say the Shockers didn't play anyone this year.

Travis Heying/Wichita Eagle / MCT

The Shockers are 3-0 vs the RPI Top 50, and 10-0 vs the RPI Top 100. The biggest wins: at Saint Louis, vs. Tennessee, and vs. BYU.

They say the Shockers don't have the athletes to compete with the Floridas and Arizonas in the tournament.

Uh, wut...

They even say the numbers show that the Shockers aren't very good.

AP Photo/The Wichita Eagle/Travis Heying

LIES. Final Four contenders are almost always among the top 20 in both offensive and defensive efficiency. Wichita State's top 10 in both categories, according to

But let's just be clear: Wichita State is an elite team. They're so good, you should probably pick the Shockers to win it all this March. Since that loss to Louisville, the Shockers have offered up 34 excellent reasons why:

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