40 Signs You’re A Miami Hurricane

It’s all about the []_[].

1. You can name all 5 National Championships faster than you can say your home address.

83 87 89 91 01

2. Even though you know you should be saying “02” as well.

3. You constantly have to explain to your friends from home that your school isn’t on South Beach.

Coral Gables is awesome. Though class on SoBe would be pretty cool.

4. This is what over half of your Facebook photos look like.

The throwing up the []_[] part, not the Snoop part.

5. You’ve seen this reaction when you’ve told people UM is a private school.

6. You’ve been asked, “Oh is that the one in Ohio?” when you tell people you go/went to the University of Miami.

That’s Miami University. And it’s cold there.

7. This is one of your biggest bragging points.

Note the date. We call that the “colder” time of the year.

8. You have a very strong opinion as to which of these residential colleges is better.

Or, you were a commuter and you just don’t care.

9. When it’s not football season, life sucks.

But playing basketball in the ACC always helps out!

Especially when you win an ACC championship and beat both Duke and UNC by 20+ points in the same season!

And you can never go wrong with a baseball game.

4 National Championships and Mark Light Milkshakes at every game? Not bad.

10. You miss this place with all your heart.

RIP Orange Bowl.

11. But you know that you can still have a great time at Sun Life Stadium.

Where else will you see a fraternity and an old married couple tailgating next to each other?

12. This image disgusts you.

13. The words “Wide Right” create an incredible sense of joy in you.

Or “Wide Left”.

14. You constantly brag about how beautiful the campus is.

15. You’ve spent many afternoons at this place.

And may or may not have missed a few classes after a pitcher or two.

RIP Old Rat

16. And many Friday evenings at this one.

And have killed plenty of nights after drinking one too many PK3s.

17. You still brag about your floor’s Sportsfest slogan.

“My floor thought of a more sexual pun!”
“No, mine did!”

18. This guy is your best friend.

19. And you’ll drop everything any time he starts a Spellout.


20. This gives you chills every time.

The first team to do the smoke, and still the team that does it the best.

21. This is your favorite movie.

22. You shamelessly ask every famous person you see to throw up the []_[].

Poor form, Barack.

23. And if they refuse, you just do it for them.

Take that, Tebow!

24. You’ve been to some of the top nightclubs in the world.

25. And some that aren’t so on top.

Let’s be real, though. Tavern is great. But, you’re also shocked to see what it looks like during the day.

26. You’ve developed an appreciation for Cuban food.

Mostly because it’s EVERYWHERE.

27. You feel weird when you’re not within 30 minutes of a beach.

28. This is one of your favorite Homecoming traditions.

And if the flag falls, you cheer as loud as you can.

29. You’re convinced the creator of Emoji is a Canes fan.


30. You have a very strong opinion about which pizza place near campus is the best.

Sir Pizza. Miami’s Best. GPS. Power Pizza (jk).

31. You got excited every time Hazel was at the sandwich station in the dining hall.

32. This is how you felt every time the same Dining Hall was out of ice cream/froyo.

33. These people scared you the first time you saw them Freshman year.


34. You giggle every time you say the name of this building.

But then you go inside and get lost and slowly freeze to death and it has its revenge on you.

35. You’ve spent many long nights here.

And have fought to the death for a chair during finals.

36. You know these are the ugliest things in the world.

They’re so cute as babies and then so ugly as adults. What gives?

37. You hate this man.

38. You love this woman.

39. You know exactly where swag was invented.

40. You know that you’re a part of the greatest family in the world: The Canes Fam.

It’s a Canes thing.

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