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The Girls Of Fifth Harmony Are Smart Cookies And The Ultimate Girl Group Success

Always remember, YOU are worth it!

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Let's break it down.

Girl group Fifth Harmony continue to break barriers by being one of this decades most promising and successful acts. Ever since their debut single 'Miss Movin On', these ladies have continually improved over time and it's beautiful to see.

After their debut single was certified GOLD in the U.S. for selling 500,000+ units, singles 'Bo$$' and 'Sledgehammer' followed both selling over 1,000,000+ units in America alone. It wasn't until their smash hit 'Worth It', that the girls were propelled to massive stardom.

IN FACT, 'Worth It' is the best selling girl group single in the history of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

And while some say that's not so much of an important feature - it really is especially when you take into consideration how MUCH girl groups get negatively critiqued time and time again unnecessarily by the media with comments such as "they won't succeed" or "they're only temporary". Do you know how hard it is to crack the music industry in America? The industry can be harsh, but these ladies have proved time and time again that with persistence, anything is possible.

Let's also not forget their new single 'Work From Home' that continues to dominate the global Spotify rankings charts as well as physical charts worldwide. At the pace it's going, it could end up passing the sales of their last single, thus becoming the new best selling girl group single in America.

So essentially, they'll end up giving themselves the royal crown once again. Fabulous indeed.

Here's our FAVORITE Fifth Harmony Acoustic below. Soothing and nice to the ears really.

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They're also smart cookies. Let's take for example this Huffington Post interview regarding their musical success and the importance of feminism.

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But really did you listen to Lauren Jauregui's response? She literally HIT the nail on the head. REPEAT.

.@LaurenJauregui responds to question 'why is feminism important' & hit the nail right on the head! GREAT interview!

Via Twitter: @oscahhhhh

Can this response just be Retweeted indefinitely please?

Overall, we hope to see more success coming out of this girl group.

Did you know their SECOND studio album is coming out in May already? BuzzFeed is ready, the world is ready - let's go girls! We're rooting for you! Thanks for keeping the girl power theme strong.

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