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    LGBTQ+ Advocate Ira Losco Takes Eurovision By Storm

    Malta's entry 'Walk on Water' has been described as "breathtaking & soaring".

    While you've probably heard of Eurovision, Ira Losco is known in her home country of Malta for strongly supporting the LGBTQ+ community.

    In fact, her strong vocal support (among many others) helped Malta rank FIRST in Europe in the International Lesbian-Gay Association’s ‘Rainbow Europe’ league for LGBTIQ rights. Additionally, "the move comes following a raft of changes in Malta – which saw a boost after becoming the first country to outlaw surgery on intersex babies, introducing LGBT-inclusive education, and beginning civil unions".

    Back in 2010, Malta was described as having poor LGBTQ+ rights, but over time, things have taken quite a turn and the increased amount of support from the prosperous country is being noted. According to Pink News, "Malta has become a real role model for equality – its innovative new gender identity provisions have set the bar higher for trans equality internationally".

    Ms. Losco spoke against the Cohabitation Bill presented by GonziPN and stated:

    "Not even if I lived in another galaxy would I accept this RUBBISH and INTOLERANCE from anyone! I am ashamed to be led by some homophobic and vote hungry people! Sorry but this time I will use my voice for something other than singing and that is to show respect for many of my friends who deserve the same rights!"

    Ira Losco's Eurovision entry 'Walk On Water' also has empowering lyrics and is one of the contests Top 3 picks!

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    The spectacular music video showcases beautiful scenery and Losco in fine-fitting dresses. The powerful drop at 0:52 seconds leads straight into the belting chorus.

    Her Celine Dion-esque vocal moments are showcased and this song has the striking potential to become an international hit, regardless of the Eurovision outcome.

    At the Eurovision press centre, she mentioned the following.

    “I’ve believed in this cause for so long and I believe Eurovision celebrates this individuality and difference and we should all embrace it. I want people around the world to open their eyes – it’s not just about tolerance. We should do more than tolerate each other; we need to be united and let people live their lives and be themselves.”

    "Gay rights must go beyond tolerance" - Ira Losco