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Erika Jayne Isn't Your Ordinary Gal: She's A Billboard Chart Topping Diva

She's everyone's One Hot Pleasure.

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills need to realize they are surrounded by the Hot Dance Club Play queen.

She's a dancer, singer, and an entertainer with a classy mind. And of course - some naughty quirks that we absolutely adore.

She has EIGHT #1 U.S. Hot Dance Club Play Hits

She joins the ranks of Beyonce, Whitney Houston and Lady Gaga who have all dominated the club charts as well. Erika also has six consecutive #1's under her belt, right behind Beyonce who has had 9 consecutive singles hit #1.

Again, it's a great accomplishment as many artists do delve in the dance and electronic genre and don't always come out with a number one hit.

Essentially, it means DJ's around the nation love playing her hits. Don't blame Erika, blame the amazing people replaying her high flavored tracks over and over again. We approve of this, and you should too!

Check out our favorite Erika Jayne music video, 'PRETTY MESS'

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Absolutely breathtaking. We might need some dancing tips from this lovely lady. Take note of those back up dancers as well. They are fierce!

She's glamorously graced the cover of Billboard Magazine.

Sorry, not sorry.

Sorry, not sorry.

She's also the creator of this iconic phrase and GIF.

So whether you like her or not. You can't deny her charm, her success and more importantly, her ultimate SHINE.

Kudos to you my dear Erika. Thank you for slaying our dancing hearts. You are incredible and of course - never stop making irresistible dance hits!

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