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Dear Alton Sterling Murderers: The Destruction Of A Beautiful Family. The Destruction Of The Black Man.

2016 has been a loss.

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I repeat once again. 2016 has been a loss. A loss for people around the globe. Shooting after senseless shooting, it doesn't seem to make any difference as humans continue to gravitate towards violence, guns, and death.

What makes these three things so chain grabbing? Is it the easy access? Is it a deep inside desire?

Whatever it may be, this all needs to come a complete halt. Unfortunately, my words are just words. I can tell people to stop. I can tell people to stop killing innocent people. We can tell people to stop, take a deep breathe, and understand a situation better. But what good will all these words do if they go through another human being one ear and out the other in an emotionless way?

The media needs to take more action. We do of course. But the media; the bullshit media needs to take this and use their maximized audience level to send a message. Send the truth. Send out what's really going in. Send out every single piece of data, information, etc. Stop hiding because we know what you're hiding.

You continue to hide truth. Some media continue to hide honesty. The only thing you're proving is one word. Nothing. You're just as senseless as these people doing these senseless killings around the world.

A black man was killed for selling CD's. I repeat, selling CD's. He had a family. A beautiful wife and beautiful children. Children who are probably wondering where is my dad? Why isn't he here? Do you think the wife has it any easier?

She does not. Nobody is taking it easy. No black person, no brown person, no person of color. I am done and absolutely done with all this.

I want the murderers to face these young children. Tell them. Why did you do it? Why did you kill an innocent man? Why did you kill my father? Why couldn't you just talk things through? Why did you take him away from me?

I'm tired of everything. I'm tired of the world. I'm tired of the injustice committed towards the black man and black woman every day. You do not deserve this. Not one bit. To every black woman and man in America and around the globe.

You are fucking beautiful. You are beautiful. And for many people around the world: They will never understand how it feels to live day by day, internally screaming inside, worrying about just being safe. Because behind every corridor, death seems to linger.

INJUSTICE seems to linger.

I will never understand how it feels. But I can take a stand. I can take a stand to spread this message. Spread the message that these murderers must not only gravely apologize to this beautiful and now broken family. But face the same premises this amazing man faced himself.

Stand until justice is served and beyond. I am with you on this hatred lived journey and I will always stand with you.

We are all human beings. We are all deserving of the same respect. Skin color is nothing. It should be nothing. It should not separate us. In fact it should unite us. The differences. The culture. The diversity.

Isn't that what we grow up learning? Cultivating the uniqueness we all possess?

Stand strong my brothers and sisters. Because this JUSTICE, will only become JUSTICE if we continue to stand and spread this message.

A last parting word for the media outlets of the world and the cynical people who can't accept the truth.

Stop bullshitting. Exhale truth.

Will you stand with us?

RIP Alton Sterling.

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