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Celebrate The Start Of LGBT Pride Month 2016 With An Empowering Music Playlist!

Featuring Diana Ross, Little Mix, and more!

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In celebration of LGBT Pride Month 2016 (as officially proclaimed by Barack Obama), check out these 20 empowering songs to add to YOUR pride playlist!

1. Sylvester's 'You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)'

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""As an openly gay man throughout his career, Sylvester came to be seen as a spokesman for the gay community. He a informed a journalist that "I realise that gay people have put me on a pedestal and I love it. After all, of all the oppressed minorities, they just have to be the most oppressed. They have all the hassles of finding something or someone to identify with – and they chose me. I like being around gay people and they've proven to be some of my closest friends and most loyal audiences.""

5. Madonna's 'Express Yourself'

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"Express Yourself" received positive reviews from critics, who applauded the gender equality message of the song and complimented the song for being a hymn to freedom and encouragement to women and all oppressed minorities.

6. The Weather Girls' 'It's Raining Men'

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"God Bless Mother Nature" -- The song is and will always be hailed as a camp classic.

8. Little Mix's 'Wings'

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In addition to having 'Secret Love Song', another adopted LGBT song, 'Wings' has been praised for its uplifting chorus and continues to be played in the dance club circuit. In 2015, "Wings" was voted the favourite girl group single by Billboard magazine readers, ahead of the Spice Girls' "Wannabe" and T.A.T.u's "All the Things She Said".

11. Gloria Gaynor's 'I Will Survive'

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15. Rupaul's 'Supermodel'

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RuPaul is an icon and so is his catchy house song, 'Supermodel' which has inspired all of us to shantay and sashay away. A true classic.

16. Macklemore's 'Same Love'

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"Same Love" became the first Top 40 song in the U.S. to promote and celebrate same-sex marriage. The song truly connected with listeners around the globe and continues to be a tear-jerker.

Share with us YOUR favorite anthem below and help us get this LGBT celebration month under way!

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