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Belinda Peregrin Is The Princess Of Latin Pop And Her Positive Influence Continues To Spread Worldwide

Catch up with this generations leading latin pop princess!

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Not just a Princess, but the reigning QUEEN!

Belinda Peregrin; whether you recognize her name or not, she has made a vast impact on Latin Pop music since her arrival to mainstream music over a decade ago.

She started off in acting, starring in huge children TV Novelas such as "Complices Al Rescate" and "Amigos X Siempre". Even then, her vocal capabilities have followed her ever since; The girl has obvious pipes!

But apart from her superior acting abilities, Belinda is recognized as the third best selling female Mexican artist. Knowing that Mexico has a population of over 100 million, that's a pretty darn good accomplishment!

Her debut album Belinda did well globally selling over 2.5 million records.

Her already grand image in the Latin community has ALWAYS been reinforced with the fact that people have always had an interest in her artistic abilities.

It wasn’t until her second sophomore release, Utopia (her sophomore album effort) that her musical career began accumulating much attention.

Becoming one of her most well known pieces of work, Utopia been acclaimed by critics for diving into the pop rock realm and for its mature lyrics compared to that of her debut album.

She's a Latin Grammy nominated artist - a HUGE positive nod!

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She received a Latin Grammy nomination for Best Female Pop Album (Utopia) and her single ‘Bella Traicion’ from the same album, was a Song of The Year candidate as well.

Belinda even made waves on U.S. television most notably in The Cheetah Girls 2 Movie whose soundtrack sold over 1.4 million copies in the United States. Her contribution tracks on the soundtrack album include ‘Dance With Me’, ‘A La Nanita Nana’ & ‘Amigas Cheetahs’.

This young lady is also a huge philanthropist and environmentalist!

Tribute to Our Planet | 'Gaia' via @belindapop #DiaDeLaTierra #EarthDay

She's even written a song dedicated to mother Earth and the importance of environmentalism in our society.

Belinda continues to sell records WORLDWIDE.

Now with four studio albums under her belt and 16 million records sold, the journey keeps going for 26 year old Belinda.

Representing the Latin community with proud pride and confidence, it's beautiful to see this young artist take the music industry by storm and proving that anyone can be successful in any division they want to. All it takes is passion and of course, a little bit of risk - or in other words, Carpe Diem.

Check out this amazing VEVO Live Acoustic Show featuring Belinda!

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A voice filled with raw emotion - it's simple, effective and we love it. We really wish we were in the crowd with everyone else singing along with her.

Watch out for Belinda's FIFTH studio album, which is sure to hit the airways soon! Stay in touch with her via Facebook (Belinda), Twitter (@belindapop) and Instagram (@belindapop)!

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