Famous Masterpieces At The Louvre Taking Selfies

Turns out the 1300s rock the selfie harder than we ever could.

So, I ventured to Paris last week and decided to go to Le Musée du Louvre to get all cultured and what not. This lasted a total of 2 minutes until I realised that photoshopping the art of the renaissance period (however poorly) was way more comically viable.

So without further ado, I present my virtual exhibition, taking the Louvre’s most prized masterpieces and degenerating them to objects of cheap entertainment. Yaaay.

2. The ‘Caesar’ Selfie

‘Getting ready for a mad one at the colosseum today #bloodbath #thumbsup’

3. The ‘Royal Banquet’ Selfie

‘Dost this selfie maketh me look plumpish? #noughttheone #cutdownonthevenison’

4. The ‘Didn’t-See-You-There’ Selfie

‘Um…do you mind leaving? Trying to take a selfie here… #awks’

5. The ‘Ceremonial’ Selfie

‘Get in loser we’re taking a selfie #halo #sanctified’

6. The ‘Ancient Fraternity Party’ Selfie

‘Ladies of Greece! Feast your eyes! #gonaregretthistomorrow #toomuchmulledwine’

7. The ‘Bad Headdress Day’ Selfie

‘They didn’t want me to upload this but I look so damn good #wenchesbetrippin’

8. The ‘Deadly’ Selfie

‘Should have dropped the swords…. #don’ttrythisathomekids #healthandsafety

9. The ‘Naked-But-Dignified’ Selfie

Well…this is me naked #nofilter

10. The ‘Man and Wife’ Selfie

‘Check out this fair maiden #stillgotit #canttouchthis

11. The ‘Supernatural’ Selfie

Look ma, no hands! #thinkyouknowbutyouhavenoidea

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