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23 Photos Of Subtle (And Not-So-Subtle) "Themed Rooms" That Deserve A Literal Medal For Interior Design Excellence

I'm not sure what I expected a "Star Wars" room to look like, but it wasn't this...

One of the best things about having your own living space is having the power to decorate it however you want. I personally love a themed room, and if I had the creativity (and endless funds), nothing would stop me from designing a mystical, magical, whimsical fairy-type room. So, when I came across these people's creative and unique rooms, I was completely enthralled. Here are some of the most interesting and tasteful rooms people have decorated in their homes that range from minimalistic and subtle to maximalist and high-profile:

1. Très bon! This Paris-themed room makes me want to take a romantic walk along the Seine:

A Paris-themed room consists of bedsheets with prints of popular Parisian monuments in addition to a huge baguette pillow

2. Every home should make space for a mermaid trove:

This little space in a home has a portrait of a mermaid in front of a chest decorated with shells

3. This gothic Victorian-inspired living room looks like it could be straight from a movie:

This Victorian-style gothic living room features a red armchair and various trinkets

4. This Hello Kitty-themed bedroom shows the power of a color scheme:

This user's Hello Kitty-themed room features a Hello Kitty pillow and a pink, green, and white color scheme

5. An iceberg wouldn't dare wreak havoc on this neat Titanic-themed room even if it could:

This Titanic-themed room features posters of the Titanic and other nautical decor

6. I'd love to sit and read in this person's serene-looking "on a budget" Japanese culture-inspired room:

This Japanese culture-inspired room has a print of a cherry blossom branch in addition to a print of the popular "Under The Wave of Kanagawa"

7. Gen X'ers, millennials, and Little House On The Prairie stans — this Oregon Trail-themed room is for you:

This pilgrim-themed room features a big wagon bed

8. This adorable dinosaur-themed hobby room is sure to inspire productivity and inspiration:

This hobby room consists of dinosaur figures, dinosaur wall art, and dinosaur planters

9. Are you really a Tolkien fan if you don't have a Middle Earth-themed dining room?

medieval swords and weapons on the wall and dark lighting

10. Better yet, are you even a Star Wars fan if you don't have a cantina-themed game room?!

Inspired by the cantina in "Star Wars," this game room's detail includes "moldy" walls, booths, and even a robot

11. Speaking of stars, this space-themed bedroom has a gorgeous hand-painted constellation wall:

The main focus of this space-themed room is the constellation wall

12. I think this person loves all things rainbows and fun:

This rainbow-themed room includes rainbow curtains, a rainbow rug, and rainbow pillows

13. This super cute truck-themed bedroom is peak interior design:

This kid's truck-themed bedroom has a road rug, a truck banner, and an array of trucks sitting on a shelf

14. One night in this Spongebob-themed bedroom would give me enough serotonin to live the rest of my life happily:

This Spongebob-themed room has a ukulele wall, Spongebob prints, and Spongebob sheets

15. The colors of this jungle-themed living room are making my eyes roll back in sheer delight:

This living room is filled with plants, a statement carpet, and a beautiful brown couch

16. This enchanted forest-themed room is giving ultimate cozy vibes:

This cozy room is inspired by an enchanted forest and is complete with a mushroom blanket, fake greenery, and fairy lights

17. Antoni Gaudí himself couldn't have come up with such a smart Nintendo-themed game room design:

This Nintendo-inspired game room has a TV styled as a Nintendo Switch

18. I'd pay admission to see this natural history-themed living room IRL:

This studious natural histor-themed room features birds, warm tones of furniture, and plants

19. This Avatar: The Last Airbender-inspired bedroom looks like the perfect place for a nap:

This Avatar: The Last Airbender-themed room has an Appa plushie on the bed

20. This beautiful Moroccan-inspired bedroom literally looks like it could be a room at a luxury hotel:

This Moroccan-inspired room features deep and rich colors and colorful artwork

21. Hey Jude, I love this Beatles-themed room:

This room is inspired by the band, The Beatles and has a lot of Beatles memorabilia

22. This person's aunt keeps their living room Disney-fied and Christmas-fied all year long, and I'm all for it:

This living room features many Mickey and Minnie figures in Christmas garb

23. Last but certainly not least — this person's dining room looks like the inside of an exclusive, luxury treehouse resort in the rainforest, and I'm so obsessed:

This dining room is jungle-themed and is surrounded by plants and has a fake tree arching over the table

All I can say I'm now going to spend the rest of the day thinking about a cool theme for my room. How do you feel about themed rooms in your living space? Do you currently have a theme, or do you eventually want to work on one? Let me know in the comments!