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12 Disney Princes Ranked By Intelligence

Because it's not only looks what matters

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1. Aladdin

C’mon, he might be a street rat, but this guy is clever, you’ve got to admit. His tongue got him out of troubles in more than one occasion. He saved princess Jasmine convincing the marketer that she was mentally ill, he made Genie to get him an Abu out of the Cave of Wonders without wasting a wish and he tricked Jafar and made him turn himself into a genie to slave him for the rest of the eternity. Pure wit, this guy, I’m telling you.

2. Captain Li Shang

Number one in his class, extended number of training techniques, an impressive military lineage… Enough said? Besides he decided not to kill Mulan when the law explicitly said he had to, so he is not the misogynist type. Yeah, he might loose some points for getting the emperor kidnapped and the entire china threatened for not listening to a woman… But he still makes it in the smarty pants group of the list.

3. Kristoff

He might be a bit of a fixer upper, but this guy is a hard worker since he was a child. He also knows how to scale a mountain, how to fight wolves and he is one of the few Disney male character to recognize it is quite stupid to marry someone you just met. With those qualities we can easily overlook that he tinkles in the woods.

4. John Smith

OK, at the beginning he was a little full of himself and just maybe a tiny little bit racist with all that mumbling about English superiority over natives, but he kind of redeems himself taking a shot for Pocahonta’s father. Besides, he’s adventurous, open minded very skilled in nature and a fast learner. What else can you ask for?

5. Flynn Ryder

Don’t get me wrong, I love Flynn, I’d let him climb my hair anytime (maybe too much information here...). He’s cute, he’s got street smarts, he knows how sword fight and even sing, but I really don’t get why the hell didn’t he wait AFTER Rapunzel healed him to cut her hair off and spared us a big shock (besides, just a few inches of hair would had made a point… Hairstyling is definitely not one of his talents... Although now that I think of it, that actually may be a good thing).

6. Prince Eric

Is not that he’s just in this spot because I find him incredibly hot or anything. I mean, he fell immediately for three different girls (at least he thought Ariel mermaid and Ariel human were different people) and he must have a weak mind if Ursula could mess up with his head so easily, but just look at those eyes…

7. Prince Adam/ The Beast

Ok, he might have some redeeming qualities. He knows how to slow dance and he has a ridiculously enormous library where he must have done some reading during his exile years. But he clearly doesn't have any social skills and he has no clue on how to use a spoon. You were 11 when they cursed you, man! spoon-using was already a basic by then!

8. Prince Naveen

C’mon, this dude got immediately tricked by the charlatan Doctor Facilier. Even his dumb sidekick could see it. He was stupid enough to believe in palmistry and got himself turned into a frog. Besides he was totally spoiled and a lazy pants. You can do much better, Tiana!

9. Prince Philip

Even though he was the first Disney Prince to have a real name, this dude doesn’t do much during his movie. He stalks young ladies in the woods and force them to dance with him (sexual harassment anybody?) and he only defeated Maleficent dragon because 3 old ladies helped him. How smart can he be if he couldn’t even manage a sword without Flora’s magic? The three fairies are the true heroes here.

10. Hercules

Pure muscles, no brains… Do I need to say something more?

11. The Prince

Frankly, we don’t know much about this dude here (not even his name), except that he’s a bit into necrophilia… And that’s creepy. Besides… I’m pretty sure he wears lip gloss.

12. Prince Charming?

There is not a stupider prince in the history of Disney movies. Period.

Of course, I only dance with a single girl during the entire ball, but I’m not freaking able to recognize her face, which I constantly saw during the nigh, so I rather look for her foot, cuz f*ck logic, right?

Is like, seriously, who in his right mind could have thought that this two girls were the same person even if they had the same shoe size?

Is like, seriously, who in his right mind could have thought that this two girls were the same person even if they had the same shoe size?

Was he so drunk he could not remember Cinderella's face? was he drunk when he came up with the "brilliant" shoe idea? didn't he find like 20 other girls in the round with the same shoe size than Cinderella? is Charming his real name?

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