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23 Food Mascots With Bad Behavior

You are what you eat

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1. The Morton's Salt Girl: The surly teen

Look at how wasteful she's being. Pouring salt out everywhere she goes. She's being passive aggressive because, she's super pissed that she doesn't have proper rain gear on, and that no one would give her a ride.

2. Chester Cheetah: The douche

He's a mega douche. Right? That guy has never been up to any good. He's super into extreme sports and is a reckless snowboarder, basketball player, BMX rider and thinks he looks really ridiculous on that rocket. He's just over compensating.

3. Mcdonald's Grimace: The Nightmare

Grimace is the real bad guy. Not the Hamburglar. For starters, what is he? No one should trust an unidentified species. He's also a former milkshake thief. Criminals don't change over night.

4. Hawaiian Punch Punchy: The violent bully

He punches random people on the street!! Who does that? Maybe he wasn't hugged enough as a child..who knows. He's totally plotting against his next victim right now. Watch out! You don't wanna get Hawaiian punched.

Look at this poor unsuspecting sucker

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5. The Burger King Kid's Club: The street gang

Their names are Kid Vid, IQ, Lingo, Jaws, Snaps, Wheels and Boomer. Those are gang names. They're the types of kids that totally knock over mailboxes. But, they also might be spies. Where do children get gadgets like that?

6. Caesar - The evil totalitarian

Ok well for starters...he's a Caesar. Some of them were nice but, not this guy. Who knows what kind of stuff he's up to. He could be plotting agains the Roman Empire or, force feeding them pizza.

7. Mister Softee: The sociopath.

He's a guy who cruises around neighborhoods in a white truck. That's weird. No? What are his intentions? Who knows what he has hiding in that cone head. It could be anything. ANYTHING. He may look like a well dressed normal guy in a suit but, so did Patrick Bateman.

9. Mr. Peanut: The con man

He has a cane and, he doesn't seem to be limping or in need of one. Why does an able bodied peanut need a cane? It's all a sham. That's a weapon. He also looks like the type of guy that would sell you bad fake IDs.

10. Little Debbie - The problem child

She has a devious twinkle in her eye. She's up to something and, we shouldn't eat that snack. Not at all. She did something to compromise it. People don't just give away snacks without an agenda.

11. Quicky: The taunter

That is not a trust worthy face at all. He knows you want that chocolate milk and, he's gonna taunt you for a bit. He's going to dangle that in front of your face and make you beg while laughing at you.

12. Snap, Crackle and Pop -The terrible 3

They're gnomic elves (who knew that was a thing) and, there's something troubling about what they do to get cereal to make noise? It's gotta be illegal Chinese firecrackers.

15. Cheesasaurus Rex: The Prankster

Here's a guy with something up his sleeve. He probably has a horrible sense of humor and, you can tell he goes around giving people wedgies. He takes pranks way too far and is like that creep uncle that makes you feel uncomfortable.

17. The NEW Chuck E. Cheese: The anarchist punk

The old Chuck E. Cheese was a fun pizza loving mouse. This guy? This is a dirty squatter who has a doberman and plays guitar on the street. He gets mad at people in suits and hates "Corporate America".

18. Dig'em Frog: The Reckless Youth

He might be cool to hang out with at first because he seems like a really good skateboarder and has cool friends that freestyle rap. But he's also the guy that graffiti's on libraries.