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    Posted on Nov 4, 2015

    5 Famous Guys Who Are Masters At Saying One Particular Word

    "Wowww" - Owen Wilson


    Dan Meth / Via BuzzFeed

    Here's a supercut of Owen's marvelous 'Wow'. It should be noted that his brother Luke also tends to say 'Wow' a lot.


    Dan Meth / Via BuzzFeed

    Hamm's Don Draper from Mad Men was the master of making you feel dumb for asking or saying anything.


    Dan Meth / Via BuzzFeed

    Shia expresses many emotions by saying "No No No No No", especially when being chased by giant robots.


    Dan Meth / Via BuzzFeed

    Woody has many signature stammmers including "Sheezus", "Uh", "T-This is crazy", and "I-I-I'm stunned!", but "y'know" is probably the most used word of all.


    Dan Meth / Via BuzzFeed

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