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These Weird Stock Photos Will Give You Wisdom About Life

A banana that is meat is not yet ripe.

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1. Giant chess pieces generate enough warmth to heat your home.

2. Within your beer is the spirit of all the people who died making that beer. Here's to them.

Josefhanus / Via Getty Images

3. If you cut a whole roast chicken into a perfect grid, the yumminess is equally distributed.

Hakaba / Getty Images

4. What people do on their wedding night is their business, not yours.

Gelokorol / Via Getty Images

5. You can decrease your monthly salami and liposuction costs by simply cutting your stomach off.

Nomadsoul1 / Getty Images

6. Don't assume that, just because someone works at a carnival, they haven't graduated college.

Roger Carlsen / Via Getty Images

7. When training your dog, don't forget to educate them on what's considered a felony in America.

Rasulovs / Via Thinkstock

8. It's ok to have ice cream in moderation.

Bulgac / Getty Images

9. Steroids change the body in ways you can't imagine.

OnstOn / Via iStock

10. Don't let social media dictate your behavior.

Pjphoto69 / Getty Images

11. Plants can only do so much to brighten your office.

James Steidl / Getty Images

12. A banana that is meat is not yet ripe.

Nomadsoul1 / Getty Images

13. Image counts in todays workplace. Make sure your work attire is current with todays trends.

Yuri_Arcurs / Via iStock

14. If you stare into a doll's eyes for more than 30 seconds, you will awaken the soul within. Don't.

Escaflowne / Via iStock

15. Loving who you are is the greatest romance you can have.

Nomadsoul1 / Getty Images