This Is What Every Single Country In The World Looks Like For One Second

This crazy person decided to visit them all without flying.

1. A guy from Liverpool visited every country in the world without ever boarding a plane.

Between January 2009 and December 2012, film-maker Graham Hughes made it his mission to visit Earth’s 201 countries without ever using air travel. The project was done on a shoestring, using a succession of trains and cargo boats, to raise awareness for Water Aid. This video sees Graham in each of the world’s nations for one second. Longer-form versions of the adventure can be found at and YouTube.

2. Graham is currently competing in the SOS Island castaway challenge in Puerto Rico.

If he wins the $100,000-worth “island experience”, he promises to live for a year as Robinson Crusoe. He was arrested and imprisoned in Cape Verde on suspicion of people smuggling, so he isn’t joking.

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