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    Posted on Nov 12, 2013

    These "Star Wars" Sex Toys Will Ruin Your Innocence

    Hungarian artist Balázs Sármai has created a series of adult appendages based around the movies. Thankfully they are only pictures.

    The Lord Vader Force-Powered Vibrator.

    The force is strong in this one.

    The C-3PO G-Spot Vibrator.

    The possibility of successfully navigating a good time is better than approximately three thousand seven hundred and twenty to one.

    The R2-D2 Personal Massager

    This possibly isn't the droid you're looking for.

    The Stormtrooper Couples' Massager.

    Open the blast doors! Open the blast doors!

    Sármai's designs are based on products from the LELO range. He's done this before with The Avengers. But the Hulk dildo cannot be unseen.