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    The New "Hollyoaks" Family Are Named After "Doctor Who" Companions

    Things are about to get all spacetimey in Chester's most dangerous suburb.

    Hollyoaks just unveiled its new family, the Lomaxes.

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    They are the family of Danny, Ste's secret father. So the three girls will end up being Ste's half-sisters. But people might wonder about the unusual names of the three daughters - Leela, Tegan and Peri. This is because they are all the names of Doctor Who companions from the 70s and 80s. And to think that nobody has suspected that the man who names his daughters after Doctor Who characters might be secretly gay.

    Kirsty Leigh-Porter plays Leela.

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    Leela of the Sevateem was a warrior in a tribe of savages from the far future. While primitive and violent, she was also fiercely intelligent, and her adventures with the Fourth Doctor had flavours of Eliza Doolittle. Eventually, she fell in love and stayed on Gallifrey, the planet of the Timelords.

    Jessica Ellis plays Tegan.

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    Tegan Jovanka was a bolshy air stewardess from Brisbane. She was waylaid with the Fourth Doctor on her way to Heathrow Airport and when he regenerated, spent the best part of a year with the Fifth Doctor trying to get there. And then when she did get back she rejoined him as soon as the next series started anyway. Eventually she went back to civilian life, sickened by the destruction she'd seen at the hands of the Daleks.

    Ruby O'Donnell plays the youngest sister, Peri.

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    Perpugilliam 'Peri' Brown was a young botanist from Pasadena. She travelled with the Fifth and then Sixth Doctors. She was apparently killed brutally during the events of The Trial Of A Timelord, but later revealed to be living as a warrior queen and married to Brian Blessed. Probably a fate worse than death anyway.

    They will have a shocking entrance.

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    The new family's first week will kick off with Tegan going into labour without even knowing she was pregnant. But that's not the half of it. Danny is secretly Ste's father, and is having a secret gay affair with Ste's arch-enemy John Paul. So none of this can really end well.

    And let's not forget that this almost happened.

    Oh well, at least they won't have any alien invasions to worry about.

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