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    Read Morrissey's Moving Tribute To Lou Reed

    "His music will outlive time itself," wrote the singer.

    Morrissey has posted a tribute to Lou Reed, who died yesterday, on his fansite True To You.

    Getty / Mike Pont

    The letter quotes his own 2006 track "Life Is A Pigsty".

    No words to express the sadness at the death of Lou Reed. He had been there all my life. He will always be pressed to my heart. Thank God for those like Lou, who move within their own laws, otherwise imagine how dull the world would be. I knew the Lou of recent years and he was always full of good heart. His music will outlive time itself.We are all timebound, but today, with the loss of liberating Lou, life is a pigsty.
    Peter Wafzig/Redferns via Getty Images
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