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    People Have Started Naming Their Children After "Game Of Thrones" Characters

    Shrieks of "Tyrion, your dinner's getting cold!" beckon.

    Game Of Thrones mania may have reached a tipping point.


    The UK’s Office Of National Statistics has released the list of baby names for England and Wales, and George RR Martin’s fantasy novels, and more likely the HBO series that’s sprung from it, are having a clear influence,

    Last year, there were four boys born named Tyrion, 68 called Ned, 15 Theons and eight Brans.

    Of the girls born in 2012 there are four called Sansa, 104 named Arya and three Catelyns.

    The trend is playing out in the US, too. Over there, 146 baby girls have been named Khaleesi.

    Nobody named Cersai or Daenerys though. Yet.