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    Louis Walsh Won't Leave "The X Factor" If Simon Cowell Comes Back

    Fans of boys sat on stools can perhaps rest easy.


    Louis Walsh says he might not leave The X Factor after all.

    Boyband Svengali Walsh is back this month for his tenth run on the judging panel, joined by his old chum Sharon Osbourne. But ahead of the new series, he’s already said it will be his last.

    Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

    Now it seems he’s not so sure. He told Radio Times that if Cowell was to come back to the UK then that might force his hand.

    “I’ve been doing it ten years. It’s an awful long time to be on the show. I don’t want to be pushed. I’d prefer to leave than be pushed. To leave on my own terms.”

    “Now if Cowell came back, I might come back. The two of us, we would not stop laughing. If Simon called me up and said… but, oh well. Let’s see what happens.”

    Critics already think that Walsh’s departure would spell certain disaster for The X Factor.

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