Everyone Should Look At This Footage From The New "Sherlock"

The new BBC One drama trailer has just been released. It features a sneak peek of series three.

1. BBC One has released a new drama trailer and it has footage from the new Sherlock series in it.

Aside from a short teaser released earlier this month, it’s the first the world has seen of series three. It doesn’t give much away, but we see Sherlock confronting John Watson after his return from the “grave”.

“The thrill of the chase, the blood pumping through your veins. Just the two of us against the rest of the world.”

4. It also features Peter Capaldi.


But not in Doctor Who, which he has yet to start filming. Before stepping into the TARDIS, Capaldi will play the main villain in The Musketeers.

5. The “Original British Drama” campaign is the brainchild of the BBC’s drama controller, Ben Stephenson.


Other shows featured in the new trail are Great Train Robbery, Quirke, What Remains, Ripper Street, By Any Means and Escape Artist. The trail will debut on BBC One on Sunday September 1 at 9pm GMT.

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