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Catherine Tate Wants To Go Back To "Doctor Who" And Please Can This Happen

The actress is open to reprising her companion role. Yes.

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Catherine Tate has said she would reprise her role as Donna Noble and this cannot happen soon enough.

BBC courtesy of Everett Collection

Donna was one of the best companions ever. She travelled with the Tenth Doctor and was a brash and big-hearted office temp from Chiswick whose eyes were opened up to her own potential through her adventures in space and time. Unlike with Rose and Martha, there was no romantic edge to their relationship. They were just best mates. Now Tate has told the TV Times that she'd be up for going back.

"Yes I'd be more than happy to go back."

Which isn't very much admittedly but it'll do for us.

Donna was not popular at first.

BBC courtesy of Everett Collection

She was first zapped into the TARDIS on her wedding day, which wasn't how she'd envisaged the day going. She spent the whole adventure in a mood and was quite annoying really, but it turned out that her fiancee was a wrong 'un who was in league with the Empress Of The Racnoss so all was well that ended well. She grew to like the Doctor, and made him show mercy, but at first declined his invitation to join him.

Things ended really badly for her.

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Eventually Donna did go and travel with the Doctor and grew so much as a human being because of their adventures. But because of the Human-Timelord Metacrisis she ended up with so much knowledge it would burn her brain. So the Doctor had to erase all her memories of their adventures and she went back to being the old Donna, ignorant to her own potential. This really was a fate worse than death.