21 Truths Only A "Coronation Street" Fan Will Understand

    It's not so grim up north. It's bloody brilliant in fact.

    1. Everything starts with a battleaxe.

    2. The north is better than the south.

    3. Gossips might be quite annoying but how is anyone going to find anything out without them?

    4. Tumblr goes crazy for lesbianism.

    5. Do not have a surrogate baby for the neighbours or else this will happen to you.

    6. But it's okay to spend every single night in the pub and nobody will call you out on it.

    7. Weatherfield has some excellent DJs.

    8. But some really dreadful rappers.

    9. If he's trying to hurry you along to name the date, it likely means he's the local arsonist.

    10. Going upstairs to your bedroom to play tapes will take you several years.

    11. Cleopatra lived in Weatherfield once.

    12. Women are generally ferocious, men generally simpering wusses.

    13. But these women can also be lethal toward each other.

    14. And Mrs Walker would not have stood for any of this nonsense.

    15. Nobody actually knows what Fat Brenda from Streetcars looks like.

    16. The middle classes are evil.

    17. All of them.

    18. Your mother will get progressively sluttier with age.

    19. Belts tell many stories.

    20. Sometimes the biggest dramas can arise out of the little things in life.

    21. And yet... nothing is ever going to be okay again.