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    12 Soap Opera Facts That Will Make You Feel Old

    You may wish to sit down for this. On the sofa, of course.

    1. Kylie is now older than Anne Charleston was when she played her mother in Neighbours.

    Getty / Pascal le Segretain
    Getty / Stuart Wilson

    When the Aussie soap began in 1985, Charleston was 42. Kylie is now 45.

    2. Hollyoaks turns 18 this year.


    3. Tom from Hollyoaks is 14 years old.

    Lime Pictures

    Although to be fair the agent of death for all those around him still goes round acting like a simpering eight-year-old.

    4. It is now 11 years since this woman left Hear'Say.


    5. It is now 18 years since Julie Goodyear left Corrie.

    Rex USA

    She made a brief, unsuccessful return in 2002, but dropped out soon after starting filming. Her scenes were hastily rewritten and a character played by Maureen Lipman was introduced to cover her storylines.

    6. Bethany will now be the same age as Sarah-Lou was when she had her.


    Coronation Street courted controversy with soap's youngest-ever gymslip Mum when Sarah-Louise platt became pregnant at 13. This was in 2000 - 13 years ago.

    7. Natalie Imbruglia left Neighbours the same year that Kurt Cobain died.

    Getty / Fraser Harrison
    Getty / Frank Micelotta

    8. And "Sharongate" on EastEnders was that same year.

    YouTube / BBC

    Which was 1994.

    9. This guy started out in This Life, which was 17 years ago.


    10. They have brought the character of Brad Willis back to Neighbours and this is what he looks like now.

    Channel 5

    11. Jeremy Edwards, the original Hollyoaks hunk, is 42 years old.

    Getty / Chris Jackson

    12. But the good news is, Kathy from EastEnders is now in Hollyoaks and she looks younger now than she did then.

    Lime Pictures

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