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    11 Ways "Atlantis" Is About To Make Your Saturday Nights Better

    BBC One's big new adventure epic starts this weekend. There won't be much avoiding it.

    1. Let's not beat about the bush here, this is a big reason a lot of people are going to be watching.

    2. He does wear clothes most of the time though.

    3. Like Merlin, it's a teen-drama origin story take on a classic legend.

    4. Like Merlin, it's all about a bromance.

    5. This is not the idea of Hercules that you have in your head.

    6. The Goddess that is Sarah Parish plays Queen Pasiphae.

    7. It has a minotaur in it.

    8. Juliet Stephenson plays the Oracle, the portal between the humans and the Gods.

    9. Like Merlin, it has a leading female character who will turn out to be evil.

    10. Like Merlin, it is really very stunning to look at.

    11. Let's just have another look at this again shall we?

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