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8 Things That Should Be in Toy Story 3

After rewatching the first two Toy Story movies here is a wishlist of things that would be really awesome if included in the next film. Too bad it's already finished!

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  • 1. Sid's Sister Hannah

    Seeing a reformed, mellow Sid with all the bite taken out of him would be great, but what might be even better? Having Andy bump into Sid's sister Hannah. She played with Buzz Lightyear for a day and is pretty much the same age as Andy. Wouldn't she be the perfect love interest for him? "Hey, we grew up on the same street! Did you ever lose a Buzz Lightyear toy?". Everyone grows up, but those we meet that can connect with our childhoods are often the most special people to us.

  • 2. Andy's Dad

    Andy's mom had her hands full with a 2 year old and an 8 year old, yet Dad was completely out of the picture. What is the story here? Did dad give Andy this super old school Woody doll? His mom states that it's an old family toy. When Andy is a kid, you don't expect him to grasp the importance of where his toys came from and how that factors into their meaning, but as he heads to college, its a perfect time to reflect on just that.

  • 3. Buzz Lightyear Reboot

    It's been 10 years since the Buzz Lightyear craze. We know from Toy Story 2 that at least a few years later stores were stocked with unbought Buzzes as the franchise's popularity diminished... and we all know what happens a decade after something is popular, we get a reboot with realistic, gruffer characters in the form of a movie by Michael Bay, meant to appeal to the now older fans of the series. It would be awesome to see Tim Allen cast as Buzz Lightyear in a "live action movie". Or better yet, The Rock.

  • 4. A Shout Out to the Recall

    The first plot Disney threw around for Toy Story 3 before the rights went back to Pixar was a Buzz Lightyear recall, which I always thought was a really neat place to take the series. Imagine the toys going to a toy factory? Though it would probably lead to a chase through a conveyor belt assembly line (way too close to Toy Story 2's ending) I'd love even a reference to a recall, only if to just make fun of the idea.

  • 5. Spud Lightyear

    All I want is for Potato Head to look at this toy and say "cross merchandising is weird"

  • 6.

    From looking at the trailers, it seems that the toys will be instant messaging and referencing eBay. With ToysRUs stores closing all the time (goodbye Al's Toy Barn) and WalMart now being the top toy stop, the physical world of toy buying is going bye bye. So what's new? Mini helicopters and hamsters on wheels, sure. But we've got Webkins and augmented reality toys. Perhaps we'll see a virtual pet that can plug right into the net. Probably not at preschool though.

  • 7. Toy Fair

    With the physical world of toy buying going bye bye, one way to meet more toys would be to head to a convention where new toys are being announced and showcased. There's an adult playground if I've ever seen one. We could meet the comic book writer behind Buzz Lightyear, see fans in cosplay and see the plans for a cutsie cartoon update of Woody's Roundup aimed at toddlers.

  • 8. And Beyond?

    Toy Story 3 can only end in a few ways. All are heartbreaking. 1) The toys realize they are needed most at the preschool and leave Andy for good. He's all grown up. He'll always have his memories. 2) Toy Story 2 ends with Woody saying "Besides, when it all ends, I'll have old Buzz keep me company for infinity and beyond." That's a promise. But if they do split up, you better believe Pixar will make it hurt. The toys stay at the preschool and Woody will sit on Andy's shelf at college, sit on his desk at work and eventually be given to Andy's own kid to play with. Full circle.