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6 Binaca Movie Parodies You Must Watch

Binaca asked filmmakers to parody their favorite movie scenes with a funny twist. These are the spoofs you can't miss.

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  • 1. Vacation

    This one was done by Team Tiger Awesome, one of the funniest sketch groups on the net.

  • 2. Ghost

    Perhaps the best and most ludicrous of all is this Ghost parody.

  • 3. Ghostbusters

    Who ya gonna call? Bad breath busters!

  • 4. Fight Club

    David Fincher would be proud, this parody looks ripped right out of the movie.

  • 5. The Dark Knight

    That pencil trick gets a new twist ending.

  • 6. The Princess Bride

    Because when ISN'T a good time to remember how awesome The Princess Bride was.