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31 Awesome Scary Movies On Netflix Streaming -- One For Each Day In October!

October is the best month for scary movies and for those of us with someone else's Netflix password, there are plenty of options. Make sure to check out these 31 awesome scary movies to get you into the Halloween mood.

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October is upon us and that means it's time to shun the dead-leaf riddled outside world and watch scary movies indoors! I've assembled a list of 31 scary movies currently available on Netflix streaming which will definitely help put you in the right mood for Halloween.

A couple of notes: I'll freely admit that this list is going to contain a lot of gory slasher films. I know that's not everyone's favorite, but it's a genre I enjoy and definitely the best kind of movie for October.

Also, I'm freely mixing straight horror films with horror-comedy hybrids and with 'so bad it's hilarious' horror films. I'll try to indicate which one's are which, but you should know that I find them all entertaining and that's why a few of each show up here.

4. Escape from Tomorrow


For those of you unfamiliar, Escape from tomorrow is a horror film shot entirely inside of the Disney World theme park... without Disney World's permission or knowledge. Every scene was captured guerilla-style, with handheld cameras and even smartphones being used to avoid attracting attention while inside the park.

The story itself follows a man riding rides in the park who has a series of increasingly strange visions. The project itself is quite interesting and, luckily, the finished product lives up to the hype.

5. Stephen King's Children of the Corn


If you didn't think kids were creepy enough already, this movie will set you straight. A couple finds themselves stranded in a small town where something has driven all the children to ritualistically murder all the adults,

6. The Blair Witch Project


If you, like me, grew up gullible in the 90's, then you might remember being genuinely freaked out by the genius marketing campaign behind this movie. Presented as a 'found footage' documentary, this movie tells the story of three young people tracking the Blair Witch through the woods in Maryland.

7. Alfred Hitchcock Presents


Check out all 38 episodes of this mid-century television serial from the absolute master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock. Each story is spine-tingling in it's own way. My personal favorite episode is "The Gentleman from America."

8. Scream


If you watch slasher films and find yourself shouting at the characters for being so stupid, then Scream is the movie for you. Writer Kevin Williamson allowed his characters to be aware of the existence of horror movies themselves, which makes for some fantastically meta dialogue. The plot centers around a serial killer preying on the residents of a small town of Woodsboro.

9. Cabin in the Woods


Cabin in the Woods takes the idea of 'self aware horror movie characters' and pushes it further than anyone ever has before or since. In this scary but somehow darkly comedic movie, a group of teenagers find themselves at the mercy of an evil cabal seeking to control their every move. One part meta-horror, one part comedy, and one part screenwriting class, this movie has something for everyone.

10. The Human Centipede (First Sequence)


"Scary" and "Gross" mean the same thing, right? Wanna have some fun? Invite over someone you don't like. Eat a really large meal, and then watch this movie.

Just kidding; don't do that.

11. V/H/S 2


Yes, skip the first one. No, you didn't miss anything. The films in this series allow overarching plot to take a backseat to the contents of creepy, disturbing V/H/S tapes the characters in the movie watch. (Don't worry, you get to watch them, too.)

12. Leprechaun


Easily my favorite movie on this list. And let's be clear: I say it's my favorite not because this is a good move. It's not a good movie. At all. The people who made it should be ashamed of themselves. This is a real, actual move that focuses it's entire plot on a murderous leprechaun. It's my favorite because the whole thing is just so crazy (crazy for a horror movie. think about that) and I just can't help but laugh at it. Check out the whole series if you have the time.

13. Goosebumps


In case you find yourself in need of a break from the big-boy horror, or if perhaps you've got little kids in your life who like scary movies but aren't ready for the hard stuff yet, then check out all five seasons of this classic television series, based on the books by R.L. Stine.

15. Hellraiser


Don't let the increasingly bonkers later installments in this series fool you: Clive Barker's original move is a gem. The story centers around Frank, an undead man who must enlist the help of his brother's wife in sucking the life out of enough people to fully return to human form.

17. You're Next


Truly troubling, this movie will have you nervously peering out your first-floor windows for months. One problem with gory horror movies is that the violence can often lack any sort of grounded justification. Without giving too much away, let's just say that this 2013 flick does a good job at making sense of a murderous home invasion, and the resistance efforts of our heroes.

18. The Awakening


While many of the movies on this list will shock you into terror, this one is more... chilling. Rebecca Hall plays a professional hoax-debunker called upon to investigate an allegedly haunted school. If nothing else, check out this movie to remind yourself that McNulty was actually a real-life British person.

20. House on Haunted Hill


Look up 'campy' in the dictionary and you'll find a DVD copy of this movie. You, of course, won't need the DVD because you have Netflix, but it's still good to know where to find one in case the Wi-fi goes down.

Anyway, Vincent Price plays an eccentric rich person who offers a group of people $10,000 if they can stay one night in his haunted house. Fun fact: In the not-worth-watching 1999 remake, the offer is raised to 1 million dollars. That's called inflation, kids.

21. Rosemary's Baby


Mia Farrow is a pregnant woman who becomes increasingly certain that her unborn child is not the bundle of joy she had hoped for. Roman Polanski's American debut is still as unsettling now as it was in 1968.

22. Carrie


Carrie tells the story of a shy teenager struggling to deal with bullies at school, and intense religious guilt at home. All of this comes to a head when Carrie goes to prom and... well, watch the movie and find out.

23. The Serpent and the Rainbow


Wes Craven tells the tale of Dennis Alan, a researcher sent to Haiti to investigate idea of voodoo-related zombie drugs. The movie is frenetic and strange, and is an underrated Wes Craven project.

24. Dead Silence


Quick who are the creepiest entertainers in all of show business? That's right, ventriloquists. (I'm looking at you, Jeff Dunham.) I'm not gonna bog you down with too many plot details here. It's a murderous ventriloquist doll. You're either in or you're out right there.

25. H. H. Holmes: America's First Serial Killer


Sure scary movies are scary and all, but if you want to really up the 'terrifying' factor, check out this documentary about America's real first serial killer. It doesn't take any kind of embellishment or Hollywood special effects to make Holmes' story very scary.

26. Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead


Sure, we've all had those odd moments where we think of a silly pun and it makes us giggle softly. Well, Lloyd Kaufman managed to take a single pun and build an entire movie around it. The movie won't scare you, per say, but it will make you rethink your next tenders combo at KFC.

27. Fright Night


What would you do if you found out your neighbor was a vampire and no one would believe you? Run away? I'd run away. But then again, I'm a total wimp. Luckily our hero, Charley Brewster, is made of sterner stuff than I and he puts up a fight in this 1985 suburban-vampire romp.

28. Candyman


Based on a short-story by Clive Barker, this 1992 flick aims to be a high-brow horror movie by fully exploring the growth of the urban legend surrounding the titular Candyman. We follow a grad student, Helen, investigating the urban myth of a killer who will appear if his moniker is uttered five times. Helen is at first confident in her rejection of the supernatural, but she soon finds out that the Candyman is all too real.

29. Ju-On: The Grudge


What horror movie list would be complete without at least one entry from a Japanese director? The Ju-On series focuses on a specific curse, one born out of a horrific murder taking place in Tokyo. The curse latches onto anyone who enters the home, and then spreads out from those people until a wide path of death and destruction is cut. This, the third feature film in the series, focuses on a social worker who begins to unravel the source of this curse.

30. Mimic


This Guillermo del Toro directed movie is a classic tale of science gone wrong. When a group of scientists try to create a species of bug to wipe out disease-carrying roaches in New York. They call their new species the 'Judas Breed' which, oh my God, how do you call something the 'Judas Breed' and then act all surprised when it turns on you?

31. Halloween: Resurrection


While this might not be the best film in the Halloween franchise, it's definitely the Busta Rhymesiest, and that's worth something, right? OK maybe not, but the movie does manage to veer into 'so bad it's good' territory by having Michael Meyers clash with a group of teenagers filming an online reality show where they spend the night in Meyers' childhood home.

32. 13 B


This foreign film comes to us from South of the border. And when I say "the border" I'm, of course, referring to India's Northern border which it shares with China, Pakistan and several other nations. And I'm saying that because (wow this wasn't worth it at all) because it's from India. That's where this movie is from.

Very interesting story of a young man, Manohar, who moves into a new apartment and finds that his television seems to be reflecting events from his own life. Great suspenseful thriller featuring some genuinely strong, grounded characters.

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