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Why Humidity Is The Real Enemy

More like humi-liation.

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It seems to be a perfect morning...

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You wake up believing today is going to be YOUR day.

You feel so great that you are actually going to make an attempt with your hair today.

Time to dust off the blow dryer and bust out those products.

Others will stare. Coworkers will ask if you have a hot date tonight...

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Because DAYUM, you look good.

But what's that on the window you see? Condensation!?


Nope. Nope. Not believing it.

You forge on, step outside, and hits you.

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That's right...your old foe humidity is back.

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You try to get to your office as quickly as possible but the sweat beads have already begun.

Any kind of public transportation is like entering the ninth circle of hell.

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Sweet baby Jesus no.

You can feel your beautiful 'do start to fade.

There's no escaping the frizz.
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There's no escaping the frizz.

You curse those products that promised you 24-hour smooth hair.


Damn you to hell, Pantene!

You curse yourself for spending money on any expensive treatment.

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Even your wizard of a stylist couldn't save today.

Now the stares are coming for other reasons.

Coworkers ask if you have a date tonight...with your shower.

Coworkers ask if you have a date tonight...with your shower.

No matter. You'll find a way to rock that Lion King style...

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...and live to fight another day.

Till we meet again, Humidity.

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