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The Best And Worst Parties In Life

Party hard or hard pass?

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Wedding/Baby Showers


Sorry but these are just the pits. Unless the mimosas are flowing, no one is really that enthused about guessing birth weights and oohing and aahing over onesies or new kitchen supplies that you already knew the recipient was getting from the registry. Nope.

New Years


This is the "forced to attend because you don't want to say you did NOTHING" type of event. Typically leads to breaking the bank and forcing a date to come with so you don't have to stand awkwardly alone when the clock strikes midnight. Results in a bad hangover and a big letdown.

Work parties


Depending on the event these can range from great to terrible. Forced interactions with certain coworkers outside the office can be a fun icebreaker or an awkward cluster. Once your cube mates start making sexual confessions it might be time to bail.

Birthday Parties


Great when you're turning 5. Even better when turning 21. Any excuse to go out and celebrate another year of life is fun-- until you no longer want to be reminded of your age. That's what cake is for; get at those pity calories.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties


Now we're talking. A proper send-off to the single life is guaranteed to be a great time with the right attitude. Put on the party pants, or maybe no pants. Whatever the style, memories are sure to be made.

Costume Parties


One man's dream is another's nightmare. If you're the creative kind, this is a great excuse to be the most unique of the night. If you hated Halloween as a child, you're probably going to slap on a two dollar accessory and call it a night.

House Warming


Congrats. You're richer than me and now want more gifts to fill your lavish property. Bitter party of one RSVPing a big unable to attend.

Gender Reveal Parties


Stop it. Just stop it right now.

Family reunions


A day filled with people you wish you weren't related to, to ones you can't seem to get enough of. Also, dibs on that hot third cousin once-removed to be your partner in the potato sack race #ohshitwe'rerelated.



Dressing up, breaking it down, champagne toasts and celebrating love. We've all been to them, and guess what? We've rocked them all.

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