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10 Great US Cities To Celebrate St Pats In

Erin go braugh, America. Erin. Go. Braugh.

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1. Chicago


With one of the biggest St. Pat's parades in the US and a plethora of Irish pubs to choose from, the Windy City hosts thousands of visitors every March for the celebration. Best of all, the Chicago River is dyed a vibrant green for the occasion.

2. Savannah


When one thinks of a traditional Irish holiday, they may not picture Georgia. However, the southern city had an abundance of early Irish settlers in the 1700s and early 1800s. Now the population doubles with guests in March who come to enjoy the festivities which includes a parade, live-concerts, food and, naturally, beer.

3. Hoboken


Debauchery runs wild every first Sat. in March when Hoboken, NJ throws it's "Lepre-con" celebration. While the city officially shut down its' parade in 2012 in hopes to control some of the rowdiness, local bars continue to keep the party going and this year two pub crawls involving several establishments hope to cash out on the crowds that flock from NYC and NJ.

4. New York / Via

With the biggest and oldest St. Patrick's Day Parade in the world, New York lives up to its reputation as hosting a hell of a party. Score a beer at the oldest Irish pub in the city, McSorleys, afterwards...that is if you can push into the crowded bar in the first place.

Also, extra points if you find something stylish and green to wear ala Liz Lemon.

5. Boston


Boston's heritage and background makes it an obvious choice to spend St. Pat's, as well as it's boasting rights to having the most Irish pubs in the US. The city hosts festivities leading up to and throughout the holiday weekend including live music and numerous parades.

6. Scranton


That's right...not only was Scranton, PA once home to Michael Scott, it also hosts one of the largest parades in the nation with more than 5,000 participants. This year the festivities take place on Sat, March 15th.

10. Seattle


The Emerald City finds reason to really show off their green on St. Pat's and hosts not only a parade but a 5K St. Pat's Dash (held this year on the 16th) which fills the cities' streets with leprechaun look-a-likes.

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