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American Bicentennial - Unrealised Beatles Poster

Many years ago I worked for one of George Harrison's company's in Guernsey, in the Channel Islands (UK). The office was moved and many things were thrown out!. Vinyl albums, books, papers, etc, they didn't have shredders in those days! I retrieved some items as I didn't like these all going to waste! The photos you can see are of a giant poster (one) of black and white photographs. A montage of photos of the Beatles through the years, up to 1976 (I think.) It measures approx 6 ft 9 ins x 5 ft. It says it is the "American Bicentennial 1776 - 1976" (copyright - Thomas L Korsberg 1976)." I have not been able to locate TLK or anything about him. I have made several enquiries and never found anyone knowing anything about this. This was never published. It is likely to be a ONE-OFF! Im Looking to auction to a museum or individual, someone I think can offer it the right home better than In a dark cupboard, its too big to be on our walls. So if you like join the facebook group ive added a link to. if you have any suggestions about who I should contact then please don't hesistate to share.

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