Celebrate The “Downton Abbey” Season 4 Premiere In The Most Grantham Way Possible

If you’re wanting to have a celebratory party in honor of Season 4 of Masterpiece’s “Downton Abbey” finally coming to the US, look no further. Following is a list of items you’ll need to make sure your party is the most Grantham party to ever Grantham.

1. Invitations

Etsy contributor TurtleDoves custom-makes these Downton-inspired notecards, which are perfect for inviting guests to your celebration!

2. The Downton Abbey Cookbook

Granted, this book is 100% unofficial and unendorsed by the show, but it’s got every recipe someone dining at Downton could ever wish for. As a bonus, it’s also got etiquette tips!

3. Tea.

Quite possibly the most important part of a Downton-themed celebration. Tea is the lifeblood of these British champions, and one of the most important times of the day for the Granthams. And goodness me, this blend has the Dame Maggie Smith on the can so of course you have to get it.

4. Fine China

You know, for the tea. World Market’s set of china is actually on sale half-off!

5. Biscuits

To go with the tea! They do have somewhat of a hefty price tag ($22.99 for the tin) but there’s chocolate chip shortbreads and butterscotch shortbreads. Delicious.

6. Proper Attire

If you want to go simple, you can get a ’20s era headband like this one, or a full period costume if you want to spend a couple hundred dollars - all from Etsy!

7. Jewelry

Of all places, Bed Bath and Beyond sells an entire line of “Downton Abbey” inspired jewelry. It includes everything from brooches to earrings to necklaces, and all reasonably priced ($20 to $35).

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