10 Ways You Know You’re A Choir Nerd

Chances are, you’re reading this and trying to turn the commentary into song lyrics. Or you’re humming. Probably humming.

1. Choir competitions mean the smell of hairspray, uncomfortable outfits, shot voices, and early mornings.

You know you wore one of these bad boiz on 3 hour ride on a rickety bus to some tiny school in Nowheresville.

2. You play an instrument.

Yeah, definitely piano.

3. You don’t like the artist’s version of the song as much as you like the acapella cover of it.

Pentatonix, Tyler Ward, Scott Bradlee and Postmodern Jukebox. It’s just so much more profound, ya know?! *wipes away a single tear*

4. You own really, obnoxiously good headphones.

People have to slap you in the face in order for you to know they’re there. “SORRY WHAT WAS THAT NOW CAN’T HEAR YOU OVER THE SOUND OF MY FAVORITE CHRISTMAS CAROL! YEAH STEVE I KNOW IT’S JULY!”

5. This is your favorite movie.

So many relatable quotes! Tell me you haven’t at least once said “Crushed it” ala Rebel Wilson when walking out of a choir competition.

6. You actually know what the judges on The Voice mean whenever they critique the singers.

di·aph·a·nous: light, delicate, and translucent. You’re going to take it as a compliment.

7. You’ve got a very specific method for curing sickness/sore throat before a big performance.

Tea? Neti Pot? Lemon and Honey? Aunt Mel’s weird home remedy? No matter what you gulp it down and hope for the best.

8. You know for a fact that each vocal part has a very distinct personality.

Soprano? Divas. Alto? Usually chill. Tenor? Enthusiastic. Bass? Typically have great beards.

9. You frequently sing. In public. At full volume.

“Oh you heard that?” Considering it was out loud, yes. Yes I did.


You’ve got the soundtracks, you snag all the tickets, and you were probably in one. End scene.

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