21 Ridiculously Stupid Facebook Complaints

Thanks to White Whine, these people will forever live in infamy for whining about absolutely nothing.

1. Oh the horror!

2. I agree commenter, I agree.

3. It’s a telltale sign.

5. The pits.

6. Worst comparison ever.

7. I just want a natural disaster, damn it!

8. The absolute worst.

9. You’re definitely going to regret this one…

10. CRAZY I tell you!

11. How inconsiderate of them!

12. The nerve!

13. Such a terrible mother.

14. The Birmingham police clearly aren’t doing their jobs.

16. I have that problem with my five gardeners too…

17. It’s the end of the world as we know it.

18. I know I have a tiny violin in here somewhere…

19. Yup, just like Ancient Rome!

21. No shoe closet?! Call an ambulance.

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