15 Cats Where They Don’t Belong

Get out of here cat, you should be curled up on a windowsill somewhere.

15. Tetris cat.

14. Salad dressing cat.

13. Get out of the recycle bin cat, it’s for plastic only.

12. You are not a plate, cat.

11. You are not a piece of mail, stop being so pretentious.

10. You weren’t even invited to this game cat, get out of here.

9. This is just an all around awful idea, cat.

8. You are not a burrito, cat.

7. You are not a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

6. You are not my favorite pair of sneakers, don’t even try to act like them.

5. You are not Halloween candy. What did you do with my Milk Duds?

4. You don’t even resemble a piece of toast.

3. You are not a Barbie, cat.

2. What are you even trying to do here cat.

1. You are not Dorothy, cat.

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