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    10 Women Who Would Be Awesome As The New Doctor

    Come on, it's about time the Tardis had a woman in charge.

    1. Amanda Tapping

    Fangirl Confessions

    She was awesome as Helen Magnus in Sanctuary and would bring so much no-nonsense badassery as a Time Lord.

    2. Rose Leslie

    Times Colonist

    Yes she's young, bla bla bla. She's also tough as nails in Game of Thrones and would own The Doctor. Plus, who doesn't want a ginger Doctor?

    3. Romola Garai


    Oh, you've never watched The Hour? First, get on that. She would be the classiest Doctor ever, and Ben Whishaw could be her companion. I can imagine it so clearly.

    4. Gina Torres

    Ouch Press

    I can barely wrap my head around how awesome she'd be as The Doctor. Really, I just picture Zoe Washburne flying around in The Tardis, and that's OK with me.

    5. Lara Pulver


    She's so great in everything she does (I especially loved her as Irene Adler in Sherlock). She's got a mystique quality that every Doctor should have.

    6. Lena Headey

    The Place

    Yes yes yes. Her Doctor would take no shit from anyone, including her companion.

    7. Anna Torv


    She already knows how to hop between universes and fight alternate versions of herself, playing The Doctor should be a breeze!

    8. Tatiana Maslany


    I mean, she could play The Doctor and the companion and no one would know. She's that good.

    9. Gillian Anderson


    She would act the shit out of the role and we all know it.

    10. Jessica Walter as Lucille Bluth


    Imagine the possibilities.

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