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An Unofficial List Of The Top 6 Oscar Speeches

The Oscars are tonight people! For the past few months, theaters have been rocking it with incredible motion pictures, presenting excellence both behind the scenes and on-screen. Now of course, the ceremony isn't everyone's cup of tea. It's a lot of glamour, a lot of vanity, a lot of acting, but it's essential. It's a fabulous night with fabulous people who actually can very un-fabulous jobs. (Movies aren't just about the acting!) This year's 87th annual Academy Awa rds ceremony is here. When this day comes, every year; I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. I make my predictions, I prepare guacamole and buy sparkling wine (so classy, I know!). Now as much as I have a crush on Julianne Moore and Wes Anderson, I don't want to go on about this year's movies because, for one, I haven't seen them all, and secondly, I want to blast in the past to get us all in the mood for the big night! So without further a do, in no particular order, here is my unofficial list for the top 6 Oscar Moments.

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1. "Sorry I'm a little nervous"


Robert De Niro. What wraps around that name is so incredible that yes; I have allowed myself to turn his name into a sentence.

At the 1981 Academy Awards Ceremony, De Niro accepted the award for Best Actor for his performance in Raging Bull a little differently that Jake LaMotta would have. Robert De Niro is actually incredibly shy.

During his speech, the actor acted extremely nervous. It was completely clear he was not comfortable up there. I found that nervousness fascinating coming from a big-time Hollywood actor. He stammered through his speech with charming awkwardness and said a sentence that makes this an Oscar moment to remember:

"I'm a little nervous, excuse me".

2. "Ya know, for New York City I'll do Anything" / Via

"Love Letters to New York in the Movies" was presented at the 2002 Oscars ceremony by the one and only, Woody Allen. The montage, put together by Nora Ephron commemorated the 9/11 terrorist attack of the previous year, by showing the city in all its beauty and historic Hollywood moments. The movie clips included scenes from West Side Story, Midnight Cowboy, Manhattan, Big, Taxi Driver and many more.

Of course, if you are guilty of being a huge Woody fan like myself, you know it was simply a pleasure watching his little hands rub together as he cracked jokes and wooed the crowd during the presentation.

If there is a master of New York film-making, it is undeniably Woody.

3. "He has no genitalia and he is holding a sword"

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Dustin Hoffman's 1980 accpetance speech was one of the best. He not only accepted the award by noting the statuette's lack of genitalia, and by thanking his parents for their non-use of birth control, but he also made some interesting points about the academy, and losing to his equals.

"I refuse to believe that I beat Jack Lemmon, that I beat Al Pacino; that Robert Duvall lost. We are an artistic family. None of you have ever lost and I am proud to share this with you and I thank you.”

His great class and humbleness in this video is what makes this one of my top Oscar moments. (his intro wasn't bad either).

4. "Now is my body is in tumult!"

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La vita e bella is, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest movies ever made. However pretty much all film critics would agree; the academy certainly recognied its greatness. When Roberto Benigni heard his name anounced as the recipient of the Best Actor in a Leading Role award, he acted exactly how I imagined Guido would have acted, and it made my heart swell.

Life is Beautiful, in English, is the story of a Father and son who get placed into a concentration camp during the Second World War. Guido explains to his son that the whole thing is a game, and pulls silly stunts to make sure it stays that way in his son's head.

Benigni's broken english speech was a crowd-pleaser, and with reason.

5. "I feel as though I'm standing on magic legs"

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Watching Hanks getting teary-eyed during his 1995 best actor win for Forrest Gump, is simply and truly touching. The movie brought home Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Editing and many many more statuettes that night. The tale of a simple man with a big heart deserved no less.

6. "Tonight we are choosing to celebrate"


When Heath Ledger won an oscar for him performance in the dark knight, due to his passing, his parents and sister were the ones to bring home the award and make the speech.

The family showed incredible composure while accepting the award, giving off feelings of pride, joy, and humbleness . His win was a source of joy and celebration for them, in spite of their grief. It was a beautiful moment.

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