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    7 Sure Signs You Grew Up In Texas

    If you did any of these, you're a total Texan!

    You attended a public school funded by taxpayers OR a private school that drew money from other endowments!

    Let's face it: Texans get their K-12 swerve on!

    Your hometown had electricity!

    Peep them sweet lights!

    You had these EVERYWHERE.

    Texans be using street signs to direct automotive and pedestrian traffic!

    Did somebody say "BREAKFAST"?!

    You had breakfast like every day!

    Your town TOTALLY had a library.

    You could read books for free!

    Your hometown obeyed the basic laws of physics that governed the universe!

    Show of hands: Who *else* picked their clothes for the day based on the weather?

    Your life functions were dictated by access to oxygen!

    None of those wacky noble gases for you. Regular old air, please!

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