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    18 Identical Jennifer Lawrence GIFs Just To See If You're Paying Attention

    I'm not lying.

    This is the gif. They will all look like this.

    See? I wasn't lying. I won't lie to you. That's not what we're doing here.

    I guess I'm fascinated by the extent to which people are willing to click on something they're told up front will be repetitive and unoriginal. What's the expectation?

    See? They're all the same. All of them. I could do 197 of them and you would probably still click and scroll. The traffic you get just for being on BuzzFeed is insane.

    My theory: You (who am I kidding; we) are so used to clicking on everything that you'll click on anything.

    I haven't even counted to see how many I've done so far. I have no idea if I'll actually use 18, or more, or fewer. I just thought 18 looked like a catchy number re: lists.

    Once took a day trip with friends from L.A. to San Diego, came home and then went out with more friends, and stayed up to watch the sun rise over the Hollywood Bowl. Conservatively, I have a million memories from that day. I can remember maybe five.

    To explain them or pull them apart would be difficult, but not impossible. It would, though, take words and time and patience. And risk: on my part, for being open, and on yours, for lowering your guard enough to connect to another person's story.

    Where I'm going with this is: Don't let regular exposure to fleeting, easy, or numbing things make you forget what else is out there. Because so much is out there right now, this vanished instant, that it would overwhelm you. It would change your life.

    Sometimes I wonder if I have any real skills. I mean in the sense of something that interacts with the physical world: building something, changing something, fixing something. If pressed, what could I actually do?

    That's just me in my own head, though. That's pride fucking with me, as Marcellus Wallace would tell me. He'd be right. The shortest path to unhappiness is making a list of things you can't do and then feeling like you should be able to do them already.

    Are you still reading? Why? Not a sarcastic Q here: What are you expecting? What does this feel like? Do you like Jennifer Lawrence this much?

    People read the Cumberbatch one and said "Loved the pics anyway" or something. And those people made me so confused and sad I could barely explain.

    Jennifer Lawrence is pretty. No one argues that. I'd have to think that getting really into a gif gallery of her appearances would be the first step down a lonely and uncomfortable road, though. Right?

    You'll probably get to the end of this list and feel the same as when you started. If you're honest, this is probably how you feel after every gif-heavy list that tries to "restore your faith in humanity" or something. You are always unchanged.

    These words and pictures wash over you. You remain unmoved because your faith in humanity has nothing to do with pictures of random acts of kindness. It has everything to do with belief and action, and those are on your shoulders.

    The hell of the human condition is not our capacity for suffering, but for survival. You will make it through everything, no matter what, and just keep going. That can be a lot to reckon with. It's OK to be overwhelmed.

    You will never meet Jennifer Lawrence.

    She's an actress. It's her job, just like you've got one. And you've got friends, and family, and a brain and a soul and so many things that are just yours and yours alone. Do not ever feel like you have to get rid of them.

    Do not let the firmament of celebrities trick you into thinking they matter more than you. That's a hot load of horseshit.

    Good luck today. If it's bad, it'll get better. If it's good, it might go bad. But it's not your responsibility, and it's usually not under your control. All you can do is react. Be safe out there.