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16 Things You Experience After Losing 50+ Pounds

You're doing it wrong if you don't act out the Rocky steps scene at least once.

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Hi, I'm Dan. If you met me today, you'd assume I've always been fairly sleek and slender like I am now. Well, you'd be wrong.

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Turn back the clock five years ago and I was 85 pounds heavier than I am now. The main reason I personally wanted to lose weight was so I could live a much healthier lifestyle. However, once the extra baggage began to fall off, I soon discovered that there were a lot more benefits than I could have ever imagined.

1. You may expect to see yourself posing in front of mirrors a lot more often.

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Given that you'll be fitting into a lot more clothes and have more choices of attire, don't be surprised to find yourself doing some celebratory poses in front of fitting room mirrors.


6. The motivation needed to keep fit can be found in unusual places. / Via

Man's best friend could be all the encouragement you need to get up off your backside.


8. However the constant offering of treats can get annoying.

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Yes, it is frustrating when you're trying to keep the weight off and your colleagues in the office are constantly putting cake in front of you, but, y'know, decline in a polite way.

10. The only people who'll be disappointed in your newfound health habits are your local takeaway staff.

13. Your wardrobe will soon be full of new clothes. / Via

There's nothing like joyous feeling of being able to wear more work dresses and tailor-made suits.

16. Of course, while there are plenty of benefits to losing weight, always remember: Size doesn't matter.

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All that matters is that you love yourself and you're happy. Everyone is different. Everyone is unique.