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20 Struggles All Boozy Brunch Fans Know To Be True

Brunch: The socially acceptable Sunday Funday for adults.

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1. The excitement of planning brunch with your friends is overwhelming.

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After weeks of "Yaaas, we should go for brunch soon!" you finally commit to a day you're all available. Let the countdown to Sunday begin!

2. Sunday finally arrives, and the thought of day drinking has never sounded better.

3. Obviously you're doing the two-hour bottomless mimosas deal.

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You wonder how many mimosas you can drink in two hours.

4. You become easily aggravated when it takes the waiter more than a minute to bring you your first glass.

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Two words: TIME. LIMIT.

5. Convinced that the mimosas are weak, you decide to start drinking them even more quickly to ensure you get your money's worth.

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6. Suddenly you start to feel your drinks.

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"This cheap champagne isn't as bad as I thought."

7. Your food finally arrives to the table, and you start chowing down on your brunch super soberly.

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And by "super soberly," you mean "stuffing your face with food."

8. By now, everyone's drunk — laughing, talking obnoxiously loud, and causing a scene.

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9. The people around you start giving you dirty looks because they're jealous you're having a better time than they are.

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10. Your one friend who loves to fight immediately wants to throw down with the table that keeps glancing over.

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11. Meanwhile, you glance around the table and see your friends are done eating and have started playing with their food.


12. You realize there are only 20 minutes left until you're cut off, so you start chugging.

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13. When it's time to leave, you realize that one of your friends is missing.

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14. You face the ultimate struggle when finally walking out of the bar.

15. But, of course, you're going to need a ride home.

16. On your ride home you become best friends with your taxi driver.

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17. After the long journey home, you stumble into your apartment and fall asleep on your couch.

18. You wake up in the evening completely hungover.

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19. After checking your phone, the regret starts to sink in.

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"I called who? Why did I tweet this? OMG, my snapchat story!"

20. The rest of your Sunday consists of you lying in bed in complete darkness, knowing that you'll do it all over again next weekend.

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