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11 Reasons Cheerleading Is A Badass Sport

Do you even lift? Oh, weights? That's cute.

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1. It's a lot harder to lift weights when your weights happen to be people.

2. Handstands are hard... Now handstands on hands are another story.

3. A sport where you keep your feet on the floor.... Boooorrrrring. Twenty feet in the air is more like it.

4. Because this looks an awful lot like something you'd see at the Summer Olympics.

5. Cheerleaders practice for months to fit all their skills in a two minute and thirty second routine.


Jumps, Tumbling, Stunts, Basket tosses, Pyramids... There's no time for breathing here.

6. Cheerleading takes having trust in your teammates to a whole new level.

7. Cheerleaders are the most flexible athletes out there.

8. Timing is everything.

9. Cheerleaders have incredible body control and strength.

10. They can make it look effortless.

11. And they don't need no man!

So next time someone tries to tell you cheerleading isn't a sport...

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