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66 Thoughts I Had While Watching The New "Ace Attorney" Anime

With the debut of the popular video game-franchise-turned-anime behind us, it's time to examine the evidence we were given. Cue lots of unnecessary feelings.

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Being a huge fan of the Ace Attorney series, I was literally counting the minutes until the anime debuted Saturday morning on Crunchyroll. So, without further introduction, here's my take on episode one, "The First Turnabout." Warning: this post is full of spoilers, so if you're new to the series, you've been warned!

1. OHHHHHH MY GOSH. Here we go. It's finally happening. What a time to be alive -the golden age of law.



12. So much sexual tension between these two idiots.

13. This theme song is great. SO DRAMATIC.

14. Larry! Gummy! Family reunion!

15. Mia, being the literal and figurative BOSS THAT SHE IS.

16. *dramatic objection poses*


17. Wow, that was a really abrupt ending to the theme song…


19. The date is different though…Phoenix’s first trial was in August of 2016. Tsk.

20. Something about Phoenix’s head bothers me. He’s hard to draw head on because of the hair…


21. Phoenix actually still likes Larry at this point, LOL. Just give it a few episodes.

22. Weird 3D graphics for the courtroom…

23. Bring on the PAYNEEEE (I’m so sorry).

24. Larry is 100% how I imagined him -so happy.

25. Phoenix’s sweating face is sheer perfection.


26. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to their Japanese names. I’ve been conditioned forever, I’m sorry.

27. Larry saying, “Hell yeah!” when he gets called to testify is all of us right now.


29. The expressions are just like in the games, I’m dead.


32. The fact that they run testimonies like they do in the game is golden.

33. Why does Payne still have gloves on? You’re literally holding a piece of paper.

*Side note: My mom just yelled at me to stop talking to myself as I watched this. “You’re the only one who cares about this.” My heart is broken/I am angry.

34. The beginnings of a breakdown. That was quick.

35. Larry is honestly so much better in the anime than in the games. He’s so much more likable.

36. GEEZ SAHWIT, you didn’t have to knock Phoenix down.


38. The first “Objection!” is baby Edgeworth and we don’t even see him yet.

39. Is Mia channeling her inner Shi Long Lang?

40. OMG she’s speaking straight from the book of Godot.

41. “Turn it about?” THERE IT IS.



49. Here comes the real breakdown…

50. Holy police officers. We don’t need 20 people to arrest this loser.

51. The pacing for this show is spot-on. They wrapped everything up with that summary nicely.

52. Gimme that “Not Guilty” and confetti party.

53. Alright!!!


54. Just realized Payne didn’t have his dramatic shocked hair flip.

55. Phoenix saying “dude” about five times during this episode is giving me life.

56. Well, it’s just about time for Mia to die.

57. Awww, he doesn’t ever get to tell her the whole story! *sobs*

58. Phoenix, how the frick frack did you forget your bike?

59. WOW, that episode was so good.

60. What’s with the whole sunflower motif?

61. The anime is simultaneously shipping Phoenix and Maya AND Phoenix and Edgeworth. Very confused.

62. These end credits feel like they should belong to a show called “Magical Girl Maya Fey.”

Be sure to watch Ace Attorney every Saturday morning at 6 a.m. CST on Crunchyroll.

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