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    10 Reasons Finn And Jake From "Adventure Time" Are Body Image Role Models

    What time is it? Confidence time!

    We all know that Finn and Jake are awesomely righteous bros.

    But did you know they're also really great at promoting confidence about body image?

    1. Jake thinks you're perfect just the way you are.

    2. And Finn highlights the stuff that actually matters.

    3. It's OK for you to love your body exactly how it is.

    4. No one should judge you for how much you eat.

    5. And sometimes, you really need to indulge.

    6. Because we usually get a little too caught up with vanity.

    7. It's OK to not workout sometimes.

    8. Don't crash diet, no matter what.

    9. Only you can prioritize your life, not someone else.

    10. Adventurers eat smart. You should too.

    So go love yourself, because you're perfect just how you are.