Why Tyler, The Creator Would Be An Awesome BFF

He may not be a role model, but he would be a sweet best friend forever.

1. You would send the best Snapchats to each other.

2. He won’t let you get away with any BS.

3. He just wants to hang out and eat pizza all the time.

4. You could go to the park and get silly on the tire swings together.

5. He won’t pressure you into doing illegal things.

6. He wants you to live up to your full potential.

7. He wants you to take care of the Earth.

8. You guys could pick out awesome cat shirts together.

9. He isn’t afraid of dancing on tables with you.

10. You could Facebook creep like pros.

11. He understands your obsession with cheese.

12. He would totally have Adventure Time marathons with you.

13. He understands that anytime is a good time for a dance party.

14. He’s got the right idea about haterz.

15. He knows potatoes are the most important food group.

16. He understands that being a gangster might not last forever.

17. Because this.

18. Above all, he just wants you to be happy.

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