18 Problems With Being An 18+ One Direction Fan

Nothing says “responsible adult” like One Direction posters plastered on your dorm room walls.

1. You hear “Aren’t you a little old…” constantly.

I don’t think “Live While We’re Young” excludes 19-year-olds.

2. When you go to concerts you’re surrounded by this:

It’s a never ending sea of 13-year-old white girls.

3. And this:

The face paint says it all.

4. And this:

And the tears stream down my face.

5. You couldn’t find a use for a One Direction lunch box.

But isn’t keeping my food safe the responsible “adult” thing to do?

6. Or fit into a One Direction night gown.

And I’ve tried.

7. Plus the stick-on nails are too small for your adult hands.

Stick-on disappointment.

8. Additionally you have to pay for all this merchandise yourself.

*muffled sobs*

9. The younger fans resent you.

Their words cut like knives.

10. The fans your age think you’re competition.

Can’t ever get it right.

11. And then there’s the moms.

Absolute. Worst.

12. But don’t worry, someone still loves you.

(Hint: Someone is One Direction.)

13. Because the concerts are better with you.

At least Zayn thinks so.

14. And you have the perfect response to fan hate:

Can’t we just all get along?

15. You can hold your own at the shows.

If I’m louder, would you see me?

16. You dance pretty well too.

Even if not as well as Niall does.

17. And even Leeroy has a good opinion of you:


18. Besides let’s be honest, they’re all 19+.

And they’re not looking for jailbait.

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