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The Real Story About The Lover Of Puppies In Party Hats

"Sometimes I do questionable things and they end up going viral."

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In December you may of read our "19 College Students Who Are Living For Winter Break" post, where this photo lies under #14.

Instagram: @_tamaramilic

The email was originally shared on Reddit where it was viewed over 40,000 times and went viral, then over 50 well-known twitter and blog accounts shared the photo including these:

Dad: What happened last semester? Me:

Parents: What happened last semester? Me:

We caught up with this lover of puppy Golden Retrievers in party hats, to unravel the story behind this beloved viral email.

Meet Tamara Milic the senior at Indiana University – Bloomington, who is contrary to popular belief is NOT a bad student, and did in fact receive an A in this class.

Instagram: @_tamaramilic

November 12, 2015, was just another normal day in class for Tamara Milic. Ms. Milic arrived to lecture only to find out that the material her professor had prepared for her and her peers, was in fact material she had already gone over.

While realizing she was over prepared for the day's lecture, Tamara began to iMessage one of her best-friends out of boredom. The two were discussing their weekend plans, when Tamara decided to randomly fill their day up with joy, by simultaneously sending them pictures of Golden Retrievers with party hats on.

(Click here if you are wondering what Golden Retriever with party hats look like.)

Unaware that she was being watched, nor that her TA is sitting right behind her Tamara begin to compile a ton of images from Google and Tumblr images of Golden Retrievers with party hats to send to her friend.

It was not until later that Thursday evening, that Tamara received her notoriously known email.

"When I first read through the email I was walking home and literally stopped in the middle of the street and was mortified," said Tamara Milic.

Ms. Milic also shared with us that in 2013 she received an email from a professor telling her to stop taking selfies in class with kids in the background.

My entire life has basically been a series of me doing questionable things while appearing like I have it together when in reality I have no idea what I'm doing 100% of the time. I have never taken myself too seriously and you can see that through all of my Instagram captions because they're all just me making fun of my modeling pictures or just telling random stories no one wants to hear or of just anything there is to make fun of.
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Catch up with Tamara more on her website, Instagram, or Twitter!

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