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    A Very Important Voting PSA Illinois Voters Must See Immediately

    This March 15th, Chicagoans will be voting for State's Attorney, and it is important that all voters know what is at stake in this election.

    Director GL-JOE and Anthony Esquivel have teamed up with local politics and non-profit leader Derek Elliott Bagley at Chicago Votes to create a PSA digital short about the election of the next Illinois states attorney.

    This digital short PSA is part of an on-going series that educates Cook County about their local politics. Their goal is to bring awareness of the laws that may be passed, along with the people who may get elected into office, without your vote.

    Think about it, if you didn't know it was happening and who was running, why would you go vote? That is why they want to bring that information to you with fun different mediums.

    Without further ado Chicago Votes is pleased to announce the launch of their most recent media project — "Voting: A Public Service Announcement" — please watch and share this video! So that ALL the people are well informed going to the ballot box.

    View this video on YouTube

    A special thanks to Derek Elliott Bagley, Joe and Anthony Esquivel, Gianni Onassis, Alvin Anthony and Chante Linwood for their contribution in this piece.

    Join in the conversation online, and let your opinion be heard by using the following hashtags: #votelikeme #chicagovotes #statesattorney

    In addition, please view their voter guide at for further information. As well as checking out the rest of the series that educates Cook County about their local politics.

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